Automatic or Manual, which one is better choice for 1D laser barcode scanner?

- Mar 30, 2018 -

I worked in our company Asianwell for 8 year, i can say that i grow up with our company.I always meet such kinds customers, they said they need 1D single-line laser barcode scanner with stand and automatic fuction, because the scanner with stand must have automatic function. I always suggust them, if u just need scan the codes no any other requirements, the automatic function is no need, they always asked Why?


As everyone in the pos machine industrial knows 1d laser scanner is single line laser barcode scanner, automatic function means when a code close to the scanner windows, u no need to press the button, it can scan the code by itself. While if the code not focus on the single line laser, the scan will be failed. So we may spend more time on focus the code.


While how about all directional barcode scanner? I trust it is good choice to add automatic function on all directional scanners. Because no matter where u focus the code , it also can read it successful.