Barcode Scan Gun Why do you want to add the front and rear settings?

- Jan 24, 2018 -

Barcode Scan Gun decoding success, to obtain a string of data, this string of data can be numbers, English, symbols and so on, for two-dimensional code can also be Chinese characters, this string of data is the bar code contains data information. In the practical application, we may not only need the barcode data information, or the bar code contains the data information does not meet your need. If you would like to know which type of barcode the data information is derived from, or you want to know when the bar code information is scanned, or you want to scan a bar code, the text of the record bar code can be automatically wrapped carriage return, and these may not be included in the bar code data information.

Adding the content to the code will increase the length of the bar code and the flexibility is not the recommended approach. At this point we thought, artificial in the bar code data information before or after adding some content, and these additions can be changed according to the needs of real-time change, you can choose to add or shield, this is the bar code data information prefix, increase the prefix method, that is, to meet the needs without modifying the content of bar code information.

Attached HR200 Barcode Scanner set method for prohibiting or allowing the prefix to be added:

If set to "Prohibit adding any prefix", the decoded information is only the barcode data information, no prefix. When set to add all types prefix, the "Codeid prefix", "aim prefix", "Custom prefix", "Custom suffix", and "Terminator suffix" are added before and after the message is decoded.