Classification of Barcode Scanner

- Mar 27, 2018 -

There are many kinds of barcode scanner on the market. Where are their differences? And how do you classify them? Let's learn it.



Barcode scanner is also named barcode reader, barcode scanning gun, code scanning gun, and code reader or pos scanner.


According to the code, barcode scanner can be divided into 1d ( one demension ) barcode scanner and 2d ( two dimensional) barcode scanner. 1d barcode scanner can scan the 1d code only, 2d barcode scanner can read the 1d code and 2d code, also could scan the code on the screen.


According to the light source, barcode scanner can be devided into a laser barcode scanner, a ccd barcode scanner. The laser barcode scanner scanning resolution is high, and can read 1d code only, the CCD barcode scanner scanning performance is stable, and can read screen code.


According to the shap, the barcode scanner can be devided into handheld barcode scanner, tablet embedded barcode scanner, desktop barcode scanner, PDA . The biggest different between them is scope of use and the methods of use.


According to the function , the barcode scanner can be devided into wired barcode scanner and wireless barcode scanner. The wireless barcode scanner also could be devided into bluetooth barcode scanner, 2.4G wireless barcode scanner and 433Hz wireless barcode scanner.


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