How to choose the right barcode scanner

- Jan 24, 2018 -

In recent years, the domestic major shopping malls, chain stores and other commercial enterprises to realize the commercial POS system to Business Enterprise management brings great benefits, have built commercial POS network system. For the design and installation of the network system, the professional publications are introduced in detail, here, mainly as a commercial POS system front-end data acquisition part of the commercial barcode scanner how to choose.
Commercial barcode scanner commonly used mainly include: CCD scanner, laser handheld scanner and full angle laser scanner three kinds.

First, the CCD scanner is the use of photoelectric coupling (CCD) principle, the barcode printing pattern imaging, and then decoding. Its advantages are: no rotating shaft, motor, long service life;
When selecting a CCD scanner, the most important is two parameters:
Depth of the CCD imaging principle similar to the camera, if you want to enlarge the depth of the lens, so that the CCD volume is too large, inconvenient operation. Excellent CCD should not be close to the bar code can read, and moderate size, comfortable operation.
Resolution if you want to improve the CCD resolution, you must increase the imaging of the unit elements of photosensitive elements. Low-price CCD is usually 5 pixels (pixel), read EAN,UPC and other commercial code is enough, for other code system read will be difficult. The mid-range CCD is more than 1024pixel, some even reach the 2048pixe1, can distinguish the narrowest unit element is 0.1mm barcode.

Second, the laser hand-held scanner is the use of laser diode as a light source of the single-line scanner, which mainly has a rotating mirror type and the two types of chatter
The mirror type of the Representative brand is SP400, it is the use of high-speed motor driven a prism group rotation, the diode issued by the single point of the laser into a gleam.
The production cost of the flutter is lower than the rotating mirror type, but the laser gun of this principle is not easy to improve the scanning speed, generally 33 times/sec. Individual models, such as Poticon, can reach 100 times/sec, representing the brand as SYMBOL,PSC and Poticon.
Commercial enterprises in the choice of laser scanners, the most important thing is to pay attention to scanning speed and resolution, and depth is not a key factor. Because when the depth of the scene increases, the resolution will be greatly reduced. Excellent handheld laser scanners should be high scanning speed, fixed depth of field in a high resolution.

Third, the full angle scanner is through the optical system of laser diode emitted by the laser refraction or a number of scanning line barcode scanner, the main purpose is to reduce the collection of bar code data entry to the work of bar code, the choice should pay attention to its scan line spots distribution;
There are many parallel lines in one direction;
At a certain point there are multiple scan lines passing through;
In a certain space, the probability of interpretation of each point tends to be the same.