How to realize product traceability management by two-dimensional code

- Jan 24, 2018 -

A lot of people know the two-dimensional code, but what is a two-dimensional code? I believe most people don't know. So what is two-dimensional code, two-dimensional code can achieve what functions. For the merchant said two-dimensional code in the realization of basic product information at the same time can help enterprises solve product traceability problem. This is a practical issue of concern to both consumers and businesses.

Two-Dimension Code application environment

Two-dimensional code for the general public is not unfamiliar, everywhere, whether in the product or on the leaflet or on the personal business card, are the two-dimensional code, through the sweep code software scan directly linked to the product detailed description page. Let the sweeper get a quick idea of the information they want to know. Two-dimensional code has become a bridge between people and things. Sweep the two-dimensional code has become a life of fashion. The function of two-dimensional code is more and more powerful, and merchants pay more and more attention to the application of two-dimensional code.

The two-dimensional code plays a traceable role. Manufacturers in the use of two-dimensional code to the first two-dimensional code to input some product information, for example, the origin, production batches, production dates and products of the basic information and to send to the city can be recorded in the background, and then through the scan gun to the finished two-dimensional code swept into the system, so that products can be shipped, Consumers want to sweep the two-dimensional code is on the mobile phone can read some businesses willing to give consumers to see the information and inquiries to the authenticity of goods.

How to realize the security function of two-dimensional code?

The two-dimensional code itself is not a security function, by adding anti-counterfeiting technology, using two-dimensional code encryption technology to mark the product, the two-dimensional code printing or labeling on the product packaging, the user only through the designated two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting system or mobile software for decoding test, you can verify the authenticity of products, access to detailed information. Two-dimensional code can store a wealth of product information, through encryption is not easy to copy misappropriation, product information from the enterprise official release, inquiries channel formal, professional, to achieve the efficiency of product information anti-counterfeiting.