Routine maintenance guide for barcode scanners

- Jan 24, 2018 -

1. Cleaning shell

We all have the experience that when you use a wet cloth to wipe the surface of a lot of dusty objects, the surface will be spent. Therefore, it is best to take a piece of dry soft cotton Cloth bar code scanner cover the ash clear off, and then wipe again with a damp cloth, so that the basic will be able to "eliminate" dust. If there are some other stains on the shell at this time, we can dip some detergent in the wet cloth to clear it. After cleaning, use a clean wet cloth to rub the washing powder in place repeatedly.

In the cleaning of the shell, we should be careful not to touch the bar code scanner glass plate, but also should be wet cloth as far as possible, to avoid in the process of wiping dirty water out of the plane glass.

2, clean glass plate

After the shell is basically dry, open the barcode scanner upper cover, with blowing balloons on the plane glass blowing a few, will adhere to the surface of the dust "drive away." For those stains that cannot be blown away, clean them with a glass cleanser and then wipe them with a soft dry cotton cloth. Because the glass panel is clean or not directly related to the image scanning quality, so we must be careful when cleaning the panel, not all hands.

3, cleaning the internal optical components

Next we can open the barcode scanner's flat glass and clean the optical components inside the barcode scanner. Generally speaking, the chassis and base of the barcode scanner are jammed together, so it is easy to disassemble without the need of a screwdriver. In optical components we want to focus on cleaning the barcode scanner fluorescent tube: With absorbent cotton balls dipped in distilled water, and then the cotton ball on the pressure to squeeze out (to ensure that there will be no water flow in the wiping process), gently wipe on the lamp. Because of the precision of the optical components, when cleaning the equipment, the action should be light, and maintain smooth.

4. Cleaning transmission Device

The slide bar on the drive mechanism of the barcode scanner is another important point that we should pay attention to. Usually when the barcode scanner is in the process of noise, it is likely to be the problem of sliding rod. At this point we can find some lubricant evenly coated on the sliding rod to improve the mechanical lubrication of the transmission mechanism.

The above cleaning work is completed, and then in the correct order of the barcode scanner installation and debugging, cleaning the barcode scanner work completed.

Barcode Scanner Maintenance is relatively simple, the main attention to the following points:

1. Anti-fall. Barcode scanner Internal structure is composed of decoder components and motherboards, these components are more sophisticated components, so in use, should try to avoid falling from high places, especially the barcode scanner glass components, once broken, will make the dust into the barcode scanner.

2. Anti-force pull. Barcode scanner is composed of a wire and bar code gun itself together, often pull the cable, easy to make the connection loose, in the scan when the phenomenon of poor contact,

3, often clean glass block.