Market Situation And Development Prospect Of Barcode Recognition Industry

- Jan 24, 2018 -

Bar code Technology Since its inception, by virtue of its information on the acquisition of flexible, efficient, reliable, low-cost features, and gradually become the most common means of information management in modern society. and bar code reading equipment as the front-end equipment of information acquisition, barcode technology is the premise and basis for the application, and accompanied by the continuous development of bar code technology, has become a commodity retail, logistics warehousing, product traceability, industrial manufacturing, health care, e-commerce and transportation systems, such as the construction of information systems essential infrastructure equipment. At present, one-dimensional code reading equipment in the global developed countries and regions have become more popular. With the development of two-dimensional code technology and the expansion of application field, image scanning technology has gradually realized the substitution of laser scanning technology, and released the corresponding reading equipment market demand. At the same time, emerging markets, represented by the Asia-Pacific region, are still in a fast-growing phase, with growing market demand for barcode equipment. These factors have injected new vigor into the market and promoted the steady growth of barcode recognition industry. Handheld barcode scanners, stationary POS scanners and stationary industrial scanners three class bar code reading equipment worldwide sales amounted to USD 1.616 billion in 2013, and the total sales of barcode reading equipment worldwide will increase to $2.021 billion by 2018, and the annual composite growth rate of 4.57 %.