Small Bar Code To Highlight The Vast Number Of Supernatural

- Jan 24, 2018 -

In convenience stores, subways, outdoor advertising and other places, there are small square patterns everywhere. Passing pedestrians just a little stop, take out the phone at random, just this moment, they completed the information acquisition, electronic transactions, and two-dimensional code voucher acquisition. Then you can happily go to cinemas, stadiums, restaurants or airports, and quickly enjoy the services they order. This is the magic of two-dimensional barcode recognition technology. and a small piece of square pattern behind, hidden is a leading to the future digital life of the door.

The application of two-dimensional barcode recognition technology is gradually changing people's living habits. General merchandise, business cards and even newspapers, magazines, advertising will be accompanied by the corresponding two-dimensional code, people use two-dimensional code to read the device can access the product's Web site or directly to obtain information. Although the current domestic two-dimensional bar code market is still in its infancy, but "China barcode" The arrival of the era, will promote the overall upgrading of industrial concepts. Operators, technology providers and terminal manufacturers in all aspects of the cooperative linkage, will greatly reduce the threshold of high-end technology service applications. In the near future, a variety of services can be achieved through two-dimensional barcode recognition technology for people's lives to add a convenient.

At present, as a two-dimensional barcode technology application of a large field of mobile phone two-dimensional barcode business, has also begun to appear in the country, it and mobile phone map, mobile TV and other services, as well as practical and stylish.